Wednesday, 15 August 2012

I Like London

But I hate those London Condo ads on the radio. You know the ones I'm talking about. Is it that hard to find somebody with a genuine London accent in this multicultural city of ours? Is that hard to find somebody who could fake a credible London accent? I'm so sick of hearing Melissa Mississauga or Nora North York or whoever she is exult over the "mahble showahs". Get the hook!

And another thing. I really hate all these condo developments in Toronto that rip off the names of neighbourhoods and streets in New York, London, and California. In addition to the monstrous "NY Towers" (for North York Towers) that are supposed to resemble the magnificent Art Deco Empire State Building, we have condo developments named for Chelsea, SoHo, South Beach, Marina del Ray, Park Avenue, and the West Village. I swear to God, I saw an apartment in the Queen Street West and Ossington area advertised as being "in Toronto's West Village" Gah!

Anyway. I gotta get ready for work. So I can earn some dough to pay for an apartment on Toronto's Lower East Side.

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